more from OC: so apparently while i wasn’t looking, turtlenecks have become a thing. i’d been noticing them around town lately…and they seemed to be one of those unexpected things. you see one, and you’re kind of weirded out, and you think oh a turtleneck, hmmm, weird. and then you suddenly see them everywhere. like those chains around license plates years ago. or like girls who walk pigeon-toed. this weird phenom kept happening to me over the last couple of months, and i guess i was sort of not really feeling turtlenecks yet but beginning to get used to the IDEA of them and perhaps even tolerate them on others, and then i suddenly found myself at the center of the story, PARTICIPATING in it, Adjustment Bureau style, because i bought a turtleneck. it’s Edun, and i bought it at Intermix the other day, and i stared at it thinking about the last time i may have worn one, and then i was buying it, and even as i was paying for it i was saying to a friend who buys turtlenecks?

i have yet to wear it. so who knows, i hope to now be not only a purchaser of turtlenecks but also a wearer of turtlenecks, otherwise the former was nothing more than an exercise in futility. and with this roundabout story, i bring you more evidence of Turtlenecks, They Are All Around Us, from Opening Ceremony for Pre-Fall 2012.

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