you know all those blogs, magazines, shopping sites, etc, that at this time of year start shouting headlines at you, all like: “WHAT TO WEAR TO A MUSIC FESTIVAL!”? you know how, in the past few years, i guess since Lindsay started going to Coachella, it’s become like, all about the fashion? how now it’s almost another season all to itself? pre-fall, fall, resort, spring, festival?? i know. it used to be about THE MUSIC, man.

oh well. it’s happening. it’s the time of year when celebrities start popping up all over TMZ dressed like they’re at one massive, summer-long Love In/Crack Fest, and every fashion authority starts talking down to you and insisting you must wear ponchos, and denim cutoffs, and rubber boots, and headbands, and carry a parasol, and so on. and people who would never wear any of this stuff are all of a sudden wearing all of it and all at once. so. i know you know what i mean. but i’m not one of those blogs. i’m not going to tell you what to wear to Bonnaroo, or Osheaga, or Glastonbury, or wherever you might be headed. if you’re heading there, you can wear whatever you GD please. the only thing i AM going to say is…you’re going to have to do something about your hair. i know i would. it’s going to be hot. it might rain. you’re going to need SOMETHING. so, enter the hat. the nice, comfortable, lightweight fedora that is not at all Timberlakey. enter Eugenia Kim!

from now until June 13, spend $60 and get $100 worth of fabulous toppers from Eugenia Kim, like the ones i picked above: the Craig 1, the Lauren 2, my personal favourite the Max 4 and the Max 3. and there you go, you are covered. elements be damned. and there you are, advice without the condescension. and a darn good deal!

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