oh ho ho….oh boy, oh my, all the ohs….two things. First, the MINI RETRO SKIJACKET is back? It is? How much did I love those and how many did I once have? Don’t answer that. I’m going to assume you’re unclear on it anyway. But….ok. Need to process this. Moving on. Secondly, I want that shirt. That Young Marc Jacobs by Elizabeth Peyton shirt. Like now. Or at least as soon as humanly possible.

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allidoistalkandwant i blog from Toronto, but mostly about other places. warmer, fashionier places. i am the DJ sometimes, i am what i play. i have no reason to talk about the books I read, but still I do. my fierce loves for my pug and for the Smiths know no bounds, except moral and legal ones. my eyes are consistently bigger than my paycheques. i am trying to stop talking and wanting so much and wondering if this will help. this is a blog dedicated to the fashion i can and can't afford, narrated by Morrissey. . bloglovin