yup, every blogger’s favourite bag, the Cambridge Satchel, got set up on a blind date with a golf shoe by Christopher Shannen, had dinner and drinks with emphasis on the drinks, and ending up MATING. slut!

these made their first appearance at Shannen’s Spring 2013 Menswear show, and blog mania ensued. however. what i’m wondering, what everyone must be wondering: are there GOING TO BE SATCHELS? are the straps detachable? i have been searching the internets and cannot find an answer.

because a backpack, with these wide straps, isn’t going to do much for us ladies. it’s going to do some weird tugging and pulling at our buttoned-up oxford shirts, causing them to un-button and un-tuck and in general prove themselves a total nuisance. and it sure ain’t going to be easy to pose for street style shots turned uncomfortably to the side so the street can SEE OUR BACKPACKS. i foresee a whole bunch of miserable street stylers next spring, with half unbuttoned shirts, trying to master a weird over-the-shoulder backwards glance. that’s never easy and rarely flattering. satchels, Mr. Shannen, please. ones that keep our outfits intact. ones that we can hold in front of us for maximum show off effect. big big ones, big enough to make us look tiny in comparison. come on, be a pal. help us out here!

pics via Hypebeast.

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