"all the streets are crammed with things, eager to be held…." (want)

apart from the fact that my not so fair city is experiencing a cold snap, or rather, what i’m hoping is the tail end of months of cold snaps, or one ridiculously drawn out snap, which i guess would make it not so much a snap as whatever is the opposite of a snap….and the fact that based on that opening run-on sentence i am for some reason emulating my least favourite of Vogue writers, Robert Sullivan, and the fact that i have a stabbing pain in my left temple and find myself continually making the ‘about to sneeze’ face today, all is well. and i’m wanting this new PS1 ‘Continental Wallet’. a wallet is something i always put off buying, and i don’t know why. i can be meticulous about what i’m wearing or what bag i’m toting around, and then when it comes to pay for something, mints, movies, a new outfit, whatever, i will pull out some shabby excuse for a pocketbook. for years it was a white logo print hideous L.A.M.B. thing that had been washed 97 times (what grown woman has a wallet that can be put in the washing machine anyway? this one) and was still dingy, which finally got upgraded to the current contender, an uncomfortably large Marc by Marc Jacobs number that has the metal logo completely scratched off. nice. i can register shame each time the wallet makes an appearance, and then promptly forget about it once it’s hidden back in my bag, and go on to spend my money on bigger and better things. no more i tell you! once the M by MJ gets fat enough with dollar billz i am going to be using them for the PS1. although unfortunately for me, it’s $585. so by the time i am proud to pay for things, i won’t have any money.

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